Wave Style Spice Water 6.76oz by shinbi

 Wave Style Spice Water  6.76oz by shinbi
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Product Description

'Wave style' enhances manageability and texture on dry, damaged waves and curls.

Ingredients designed to maximize moisture, soften and finish hair with light finish, and protect hair with the correct blend of product to achieve desired style.

This product can also be used on straight hair to increase manageability. If you would like to use this product on dry hair, you can achieve a more free style.

This magic product cannot be found anywhere else! This product is the solution for managing unruly curly hair.

This light creamy textured product enhances curls, and eliminates frizz.

End result: beautiful curls with greatly reduced frizz, dry soft curls without the wet crunchy look.

Nice for children or adults of any gender. It can be used as a styling cream if they like their hair wavey or curly.