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Crede FT Shampoo by milbon
Crede FT Shampoo by milbon
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Product Description

It is a protein rich moisturizing shampoo that really strengthens your hair, makes it not only soft and shiny, but strong. provides moisture balance and adds manageability to curly hair. Crede at shampoo provides a coating on each hair to control moisture, leaving it feeling silky and more manageable.

Crede AT shampoo is specially designed to control frizz and dryness. You can feel the difference after first time use. Crede is also specially designed for "Ionic Straighten Hair". It makes hair smooth and silky. It keeps hair with straight and provides a flat look. It also works on non-ionic straighten hair to take care of frizz problem. Effects of astringent prepare hair to accept Crede hair treatment, so product is highly recommended for use before use of crede treatment. AT is for managing curly hair.

CREDE shampoos are great for hair that is dry and lacking moisture. The high quality formula contains no sulfate which allows hair to feel very silky and soft, long after application. CREDE shampoos are perfect for multi-chemically treated hair in need of some extra pampering. The interaction between CREDE Shampoo and Hair Treatment provides manageability to hair.

Recommended for Stressed Out Hair. (Picture Shown 12.2oz) Rejuvinate your HAIR with Crede's FT Shampoo. Designed to Moisturize Dehydrated Hair ESPECIALLY CHEMICALLY TREATED HAIR. Follow the general guidelines for Shampoos and Treatments. After 5-6 treatments, begin to use every other shampoo for maintenance. ONE OF THE BEST PRODUCTS IN THE MARKET! BRAND NEW ITEM! RETAIL VALUE $50 & UP GOES GREAT WITH THE ER CREDE CONDITIONER 25.4oz!!


wet hair with warm water and apply this product to hair. Shampoo gently. then rinse with warm water thoroughly.