Nigelle AX A conditioner 8.5oz by milbon

Nigelle AX A conditioner 8.5oz by milbon
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Product Description

De-tangles, moisturizes, and softens color treated hair. Ends repair and color safe.

Problem:Bent due to dehydration on the surface Solution:Water gel coating moisturizes ends

Nigelle AX Hair Treatment S helps damage caused by chemical treatments is distinct and different depending on the hair type. So the correct combination of NIGELLE AX shampoo and treatment is doubly effective, leaving hair healthy and beautiful from the roots to the very ends. Nigelle AX Treatment S is used for fine hair. Formulated for fine hair. Helps tangles due to damaged cuticles. Ceramide repairs damaged cuticle leaving ends smooth and sleek. Use in combination with Shampoo S Directions: After shampooing, lightly remove excess water. Apply this product to whole hair, mainly at the ends. Lightly rub the ends then rinse away with warm water.