MoltoBene Clay Esthe Pack Conditioner

MoltoBene Clay Esthe Pack Conditioner
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Product Description

(Picture Shown 33.9oz) Natural clay scalp treatment cleans the scalp and absorbs old oils from the pores. It is a scalp and hair treatment which hastens and penetration of it's water protective and conditioning ingredients.

It absorbs old pore oils and idrt between the cuticle spaces and gives a cleaan smooth scalp and hair only by rinsing.

Deep sea water materials provide a healthy scalp and hair balance.

How to Use:

After shampooing, take water away, adapts easily to your scalp and hair.

Then massage to adapts easily to your scalp.

Apply treatment to the tips by comb enough, stay for about 5 minutes

Then rinse out throughly.

Great conditioning treatment moisturizes hair leaving the hair soft sliky and healthy.

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