Molto Bene Clay Esthe Shampoo 33.9oz

Molto Bene Clay Esthe Shampoo 33.9oz
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Product Description

(Picture Shown 33.9oz) Natural Clay and Deep Sea Water Minerals improve the health of the Hair and Scalp.

Clay Esthe Shampoo keeps the scalp healthy by removing dirt, excess oils and sweat that causes clogged pores. Increases moisture, softness and loosens tension causing the scalp to relax. Shampoo the hair making it moist and soft.

How to Use:

After you wet the hair, clense with a proper amount of shampoo, and massage shampoo into the hair until you get a lather. Rinse throughly.

Follow through with the Molto Bene Clay Esthe Pack Conditioner.

Er Crede lovers should try Molto Bene, you are going the love this product!!