I.D. Care Amino Pure Shampoo 300ml by shinbi

I.D. Care Amino Pure Shampoo 300ml by shinbi
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Product Description

ID Care Amino Pure Shampoo & Treatment Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins vital to healthy hair.ID Care Amino Pure restores lost amino acids into damaged hair without compromising vibrancy of color or chemically straightened or waved hair. Healing hair with ID Care Amino Pure Delicate hair sustains damage through even the simplest stresses of daily shampooing and tying back of hair.

Gently cleanses hair, restores, protects and nourishes hair. Ideal for delicate, chemically processed hair Chemically processed hair is extremely weak and susceptible to breakage.

Mild Shampoo cleanses while restoring 5 types of highly concentrated amino acids to hair damaged by color or straight and wave perms.