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Deesses Color Shampoo by milbon
Deesses Color Shampoo by milbon
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GREAT FOR COLOR TREATED HAIR! (Picture Shown 8.5oz) From the roots right though the ends, NIGELLE DS enhances the look, feel and manageability of color-treated hair. Nigelle DS specializes in providing manageability to the last half inch of tinted hair ends. The shampoo and treatment combination moisturizes and cares for hair ends and inner hair shafts.

For enhancing feel of hair and manageability of hair ends. Hair ends without a cuticle coating easily break off. Deesse's forms an artificial cuticle coating on hair ends, together with a protection coating that leaves hair sleek. Enhances the quality of colored hairstyles by realizing the best texture and easy styling reproduction. With soft and fine foaming, it works on the damaged part, and gently washes while preventing friction at shampooing.

* Improves hair texture dramatically especially for color-treated or damaged hair

* Makes unruly hair manageable and easy to blow-dry