Clay Esthe Essence 4.1oz

Clay Esthe Essence 4.1oz
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Product Description

Product Features:

Prevents premature aging of the scalp.

Resolve itchy and irritated scalps.

Promotes healthy scalp and healthy hair

Clay Esthe EX Scalp Essences is a great scalp treatment, it soothes itchy, irritated scalps and resolves dandruff problems. This treatment also reduces occurrences of hair loss, particulary in individuals who recently gave birth or recovered from illness. Scalp Essence improves blood circulation to the scalp while nourishing ingredients penetrate deep into the hair roots to promote and rejuvenate thicker, healthier hair. (Other elements like air pollution, UV rays, stress, and aging are damaging factors to the hair.)


Place nozzle point directly into scalp. Spread thin layer of Scalp Essence Ex across scalp. Massage scalp Essence EX thoroughly into scalp.