5X Head Lice Magnifier

5X  Head Lice Magnifier
5X Head Lice Magnifier
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Product Description

I can see clearly now. Lice are tiny, little creatures that move quickly to avoid detection. With the Magnifying Lamp 9008 nothing will get away from you.

The 22-watt fluorescent ring bulb provides cool bright light under the center magnifying glass. A 5-diopter magnifying lens floods the inspection area with plenty of light for close-up inspection work. The spring balanced arm provides mobility and resistance to hold the magnifying lamp where it's needed. A dust cover and a maneuvering handle ensure that this tool will last for years and years.

Features * Magnifying lamp with protective lens cover * Steel handle for easy positioning * Circular 22 watt-fluorescent bulb surrounds the lens. * 5-diopter glass magnification lens offers 5-inch diameter * Spring-balanced arm * 110-volt AC Power Supply