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Lice Wand for Head Lice
Lice Wand for Head Lice
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Product Description

Picking out lice individually is time consuming, painful and damaging to both hair and scalp. Lice Safe's, Lice Wand, offers the latest in delousing technology at an affordable price.

It's also 100% effective because it uses the standards set by The Center for Disease Control. The CDC states: “to kill lice and their eggs/nits you must use heat in excess of 130°.”

Lice Safe's Lice Wand exceeds the CDC's standards and incinerates the lice and nits on contact. There is no nitpicking or damage of the hair or infected person. “This method gets within 6 millimeters of the scalp and can reach temperatures in excess of 420°F.

Joe Munoz Director of www.licecentersofamerica.org says the Lice Wand is a truly chemical free way to eliminated lice and nits without any nit combing.